A Christmassy Blog: What Is SEO And Why Is It So Valuable? 

Christmas scene

It’s that time of year again. Presents under the tree; a roaring fire, meeting with family and friends…and a dip in client leads.

                                                                                                   Hold up. Wait, that’s not right.

The festive season can certainly reduce the amount of leads you’re receiving. Seasonal celebrations are often great for morale, but damaging for leads as the seasonal lull commences.

After all, when Christmas rolls on round, our minds are focused on other matters – such as how to survive Christmas shopping, and avoiding manslaughter charges against your overbearing inlaws.

However, with good quality SEO, you should still have a steady flow of leads. SEO can help you buck that downward trend that healthcare services can suffer during the last weeks of the year.

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving! 

Blogging, website management and market research are all crucial parts to your website’s maintenance and upkeep. 

Ignoring SEO is like ignoring a very festive, Coca-Cola truck plowing towards you on the highway. 

It would take more than a Miracle on 34th Street to save you from that!

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The Horrors Of SEO Mismanagement

Without the magical powers of search engine optimisation, it can feel like you’re stranded at the North Pole without any traffic even coming close to your site. 

SEO or search engine optimisation’s main purpose is to get your webpage on Google’s (or Bing’s) first search result page. 

To reach the heights of page one, it’s important to please the algorithm – a nebulous monstrosity that requires careful attention – so your page isn’t lost to the swirling blizzard of a billion different search results. 

Here at Direct Response PT, we value quality blog writing to appease this algorithm and Google (and Bing) agrees. This is evident from our client’s great results!

If you feel like your leads are falling short, or if you need help with your SEO and web page management – get in touch, we’re ready to help. 

What’s The Difference Between SEO And Paid Ads?

Snowy elves

Paid adverts might feel like a quick and easy fix, but in reality they don’t provide the same kind of quality traffic or longevity that you can achieve from well-executed SEO. 

And no, SEO doesn’t stand for SnowyElves.Org.  

SEO instead stands for the magical world of Search Engine Optimisation.

Most of the time, adverts can distort the perceived amount of organic traffic that you’re gaining. 

The issue is that these adverts often reach the wrong audience, while also not creating a lasting web presence.  

Like snow melting in the sun, here today and gone tomorrow. 

By ignoring organic traffic and relying on adverts, you’re missing out on a huge percentage of your potential market. 

We favour blog posts and social media content for a few reasons; the most important being the lasting and effective web presence. 

Think of your blog posts as an incentive to keep visiting your site, like leaving brandy (or milk) out for Santa. 

By utilising SEO content you can focus on keywords and narrow down your market. Effectively controlling who is mainly going to see your webpage. 

There is much more value in a sustainable web page that constantly brings organic traffic in, over an ad which artificially inflates your analytics. 

And what about the difference between SEO and social media?

Social media and SEO Christmas image

Ignoring SEO would mean you would only have your elf to blame, but there are other tools to help your online presence. 

Social media can be a really useful tool, however,  it should only be used as an aide to SEO. Social media posts shouldn’t be used in place of search engine optimisation. 

Posting to sites like Twitter and Facebook can nudge traffic towards your site, but the leads are likely to be of a lesser quality. 

Direct organic traffic comes from quality SEO content, which has been constructed with the algorithm and your ideal client in mind unlike social media’s broader audience. 

We recommend a combination of strong SEO content and social media tools to get the most out of your audience.

If you are wanting to use Google or another ad service, just remember to not solely rely on ads or social media, or you will be missing out.

Google My Business can also be a great way to nurture your online presents! (get it? It’s a Christmas pun…) 

We can help you set up a plan and discuss how you can achieve the most online! 

What would happen if I didn’t think about SEO?

Ghosts of Christmas past

Like a ghostly warning to Ebenezer Scrooge, we’re here to tell you about the dangers of neglecting tiny Tim, well, SEO really. 

By ignoring SEO, social media and ads completely, you’re on a one-way-sleigh-ride to the bottom of Google’s search results. 

How is anyone going to find your web page if it’s buried under the snowy pages of Google search results?

Quick answer: they won’t

Search engine optimisation is crucial in our modern world, without it how would Google know which web pages were reputable and active?

Again, it wouldn’t.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is solely relying on either social media or ads, but it’s really SEO that’s the star on top of the tree. 

Even businesses that trade purely in-store, rely on the Christmas magic of SEO. Having an online presence and a contact page can massively increase your visibility. 

SEO is crucial to the success of your web page online. However, don’t think of it as a one-time gig. 

You need to maintain your online SEO content, neglecting it will make your site appear inactive to search engines dropping you in rankings.

Your blogs need to be regular, like Christmas! Although you should probably think about them every two weeks, as once a year won’t do you much good. 

It might seem like a big commitment, but we can guarantee you that it will have great results in terms of leads and site visibility. 

If this all sounds a bit too much, then you’re in luck! We love data, number crunching and most importantly SEO. We can help put your business on the digital map. 

SEO Sounds Great How Can I Get Started? 

confused santa

Is a question I hope you’re asking at this point. 

SEO starts your site off with a good foundation, often this involves a bit of research and brainstorming to identify your ideal client and which keywords you want to focus on. 

Services like SEM rush can be a great start for identifying which keywords, phrases and queries your market is searching for the most. 

By focussing on a relevant keyword with a great amount of search results you can expand your potential leads by a huge amount. 

Make a list and check it twice, so you’re sure about which keywords you want to focus on. 

A bit of advice: don’t aim for irrelevant keywords, as although you may get traffic this will increase your bounce rate once people realise they have been misled. 

You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch, and Google/Bing will know it. Focussing on misleading keywords isn’t just annoying for the client, it is also a black hat tactic, which will result in repercussions from Google/Bing.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and in the case of SEO blogging is your best friend. 

It’s also important to make sure that you’re regulating the amount of blogs that you produce, too little or too many can be detrimental to your online presence. 

It can seem overwhelming when trying to break into the online world of marketing. Social media can be a useful tool but this shouldn’t come at the expense of your SEO. 

To get started make sure to:

  • Identify your ideal audience 
  • Analyse your market 
  • Choose the perfect keywords to focus on 
  • Build a portfolio of relevant blogs
  • Review the reach of your blogs
  • Support your blogs with social media posts
  • Adjust your strategy 

It can seem quite daunting to get started, but SEO will be paying for itself in no time, it really is the best investment in an online presence. 

What Does This All Really Mean? 

It’s easy to overlook all of this high quality (if we do say so ourselves) SEO advice.

But here’s why you shouldn’t, take a look at this real world example of how managing your search engine optimisation can really benefit your business. 

What says Christmas like a graph depicting organic leads over the past year? You’re welcome

Let’s take a look:


SEO graph


Company A, like a lot of other businesses, have not considered search engine optimisation or the impact this could have on their leads.

On the other hand, Company B have engaged with the entire SEO process, and have worked on their online presence. 

The above graph depicts Company A who have never concentrated on SEO, whereas Company B has had their SEO and web content managed for over a year. 

Evidently, the organic leads produced by Company A doesn’t generate half as much as Company B

The secret to organic traffic is through efficient site management, targeted SEO, and quality blog production.

Don’t let your competitors be like Company B when you still haven’t started thinking about SEO management. 

Why Choose Direct Response PT? 

We think we’re different from other online marketing companies for various positive reasons. 

We like to get to know our clients, and build a personal relationship to make sure we can really capture the essence of what makes you, you. 

We pride ourselves in our SEO knowledge and our ghostwriting services, producing quality and authentic content that’ll keep visitors to your site coming back for more. 

Why not give your business the gift of SEO this Christmas… 


Merry Christmas


Johnathan Elliott

Johnathan Elliott

Johnathan joined the DRPT family in 2021, having gained his Masters Degree in English studies with Manchester University (yes, Manchester has a University). Besides bringing excellent writing, research, and communication skills to our team, Johnathan is a keen film fan. When asked what he would do if he won the lottery, Johnathan replied: "I would make the world's worst horror film". Yes. We worry for him, too.

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Johnathan Elliott

Johnathan joined the DRPT family in 2021, having gained his Masters Degree in English studies with Manchester University (yes, Manchester has a University). Besides bringing excellent writing, research, and communication skills to our team, Johnathan is a keen film fan. When asked what he would do if he won the lottery, Johnathan replied: "I would make the world's worst horror film". Yes. We worry for him, too.