“We Help Physical Therapists Attract Better Clients and Increase Profits By Creating Websites That Convert Visitors Into Leads”

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Are You Confused by All the Different "Solutions"?

You want a website with direct response features that generates leads and increases your profits. But you're afraid of wasting money by making the wrong decision or by trying to SAVE money. Plus you're getting confused by all the different options and you're stuck, unable to move forward...

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I Understand. And I Know What You Want... a Website That Gets You The Patients and the Profits You Deserve!

I understand that you are confused and maybe even overwhelmed by all the different website "solutions" available and you don't want to waste your money on the wrong solution or worse, get ripped off.

I KNOW how difficult it is for you to figure out the right direction so that you can get the website you want without wasting precious time and money.

My team and I have worked with Paul Gough for nearly 10 years. We have built over 40 PT websites that have helped PT business owners around the world to increase their profits.

Here Are Just a Few of the PTs We Have Helped...

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What People Say About Working With Us...

Hear from Kevin Mao of Balance and Body Restoration in Dublin, CA

Hear from Christine Astarita from Breakthrough Intensive Physical Therapy on Long Island, NY

Working with Flemming and the Direct Response PT team has been amazing. They took the vision we had for our website and made it a reality. Their reputation for professionalism and excellence in the industry is well-earned!

Before finding Direct Response PT, we worked with a web design company for almost three years and just didn't get the results we were looking for. Besides the constant stream of broken links and major design flaws, there was a general negative attitude every time we asked for a change or an update. Communicating with Flemming is a pleasure and if you're considering having a website built by Flemming's team, take the plunge. We haven't had any regrets since making the switch, and now that we're here, I can't imagine going back to the site we used to use. For their professionalism, communication skills, and excellent products, Direct Response PT is well worth the cost.

Jake Berman
Jake Berman Berman Physical Therapy, Naples, FL

"Amazing! The process was simple and the results strong. Flemming spends the time to understand your individual practice, and what makes you unique. He then guides you through the process and ensures you are on track with your tasks. Best of all, Flemming understands what the website needs to be a successful website! My previous websites had minimal to no input from an owners stand point and you were limited to adding other capabilities to it. With Flemming, you as the owner, are an integral part of the design of the website and is tailored to you and your practice.

My website has already driven new patients in to my practice. Having multiple portals to contact the office takes the pressure off the patient. In the next 12 months I know my practice will have significantly more direct access patients as a result. So, what are you waiting for? Having a clean, responsive, website is a must and Flemming is the go to guy for this!"

Andrew Vertson
Andrew Vertson Intercore PT, CA

“Amazing, simple, easy, no hassle, and smooth.... Flemming listens to you, hears your wants, needs and desires and works with you to meet every one of them!! Fast to respond, quick to apply and absolutely no pressure. His knowledge of the PT world, and more importantly what works for others gives you a huge advantage over your competition, actually makes your competition irrelevant:)... Within the first 3 days up and running, I had 2 discovery visits and a new patient from the site alone:) Highly highly highly recommend you take advantage of his skills and you can thank him (and me) later 🙂 If you're thinking about having a website built by Flemming do it yesterday or you will be left behind!!”

Dean Volk
Dean Volk Volk PT, North & South Carolina

“Working with Flemming and Mark has been an absolute blast. I chose initially to try a cheaper option (Wix, Squarespace) and realized how much time and energy I was wasting trying to design it on my own. In the start-up phase, the last thing I wanted was to waste days trying to get a website up and Flemming was able to take away the hassle of all of the tech and integrations with my CRM software so I was able to dedicate my time solely on the content and editing process. The time it has saved me alone has made it worth the investment. If you want to have a hassle-free experience and a website that will generate tons of leads and inquiries, work with Flemming's team, there will be ZERO REGRET.”

Kevin Mao
Kevin Mao Balance and Body Restoration, Dublin, CA

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