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The best way to fill gaps in your schedule is to reactivate your past patients by showing up regularly in their email inbox and social media feeds. But let’s face it, you’re busy and consistent effort is hard to maintain.

What if We Told You We Have the Perfect Solution?

It's our new service called Triple Touch Digital, and it’s designed to re-engage your past patients quickly and effectively. No tiresome zoom meetings, no hassle—just sign up and let us handle the rest!

Customers like you have reported phenomenal success; from reactivating past patients to seamlessly integrating nurtured leads into their client base, all with minimal effort on their part.

One of our satisfied clients highlighted how Triple Touch Digital has given back valuable time, allowing them to focus on strategic business activities and direct interactions with their team, which is crucial for growth.

With Triple Touch Digital, you can trust that your marketing is in good hands, freeing you to concentrate on what you do best: running your business and achieving your goals.

What's Included in Triple Touch Digital?

  • 1 Authoritative Blog Post per Month: Expand your organic reach with high-quality content that positions you as a thought leader.
  • 3 Weekly Emails: Written and sent for you to keep your clients engaged and informed.
  • 3 Weekly Social Media Posts: Boost your online presence with consistent, engaging content.

Benefits of Triple Touch Digital

  • Enhanced Online Visibility: Boost your presence in search engines and social platforms, helping you attract more clients.
  • Consistent Client Engagement: Keep your brand top-of-mind with strategic weekly touchpoints, fostering loyalty and stronger relationships.
  • Authority and Trust Building: Position yourself as a thought leader in the physical therapy field with high-quality, informative content.
  • Data-Driven Adaptability: Leverage insights from audience interactions and engagement metrics to refine your content strategy in real-time for maximum impact.

⚠️ Don’t let gaps in your schedule hold you back. Start Triple Touch ASAP and see your practice thrive as past patients reactive and jump back onto your schedule!

With our “done for you” approach, you can ditch the daily grind of digital marketing and still see your practice thrive.

What Else Can It Do?

Besides being proven to reactivate past patients (i.e. add bookings to your schedule), Triple Touch Digital can also...

  • Increase new patient acquisition
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Enhance patient retention
  • Generate positive reviews and referrals
  • Promote special offers and events
  • Enhance patient education
  • Attract visits from celebrity look-alikes

This Explains It Best...

What's the Investment for Triple Touch?

It's $995 a month and you need to have a Keap or High Level account. No set up fee and work starts almost immediately followed closely by results!

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Get started with Triple Touch Digital today and watch your practice grow!

What People Are Saying...

"As a busy CEO, finding time for marketing tasks was a constant struggle. Triple Touch Digital has been a game-changer for our business, giving me back the time needed to focus on strategic growth and operational excellence.

Their done-for-you service ensures that our marketing efforts are consistent, professional, and on-target. Thanks to Triple Touch Digital, we've reactivated past patients and generated new leads effortlessly. It's the best investment we've made for our business's future!"

Brandon Evans
Brandon Evans ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness


Enjoy peace of mind with our satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you decide to cancel Triple Touch Digital you can do so by giving us 30 days written notice. You are not locked into a contract!


If you have any questions about sighning up for Triple Touch Digital please contact us here:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Triple Touch Digital?

Triple Touch Digital is a comprehensive digital marketing service designed to help you re-engage past patients and fill gaps in your schedule. It includes one authoritative blog post per month, three weekly emails, and three weekly social media posts.

How much does Triple Touch Digital cost?

The service costs $995 per month. There is no setup fee.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No, there is no minimum contract period. You can cancel any time by giving 30 days notice in writing.

How does the onboarding process work?

Onboarding is automated and straightforward. We use a detailed questionnaire to gather all the necessary information about your business and preferences.

Do I need to have a specific CRM account to use this service?

Yes, you must have a Keap or High Level account that you can grant us access to for scheduling your emails. If you don’t have a Keap or High Level account, we can provide a High Level account for an additional monthly fee.

What if I don’t have a WordPress website?

Our blog posting service is specifically designed for WordPress websites. If your website is not on WordPress, you will need to manually upload the blog posts.

How do I cancel the service?

You can cancel the service at any time by providing 30 days notice in writing.

Is there a setup fee?

No, there is no setup fee for Triple Touch Digital.

What kind of content will be included in the blog posts, emails, and social media posts?

The content will be tailored to your business, focusing on engaging and reactivating past patients. This includes informative and authoritative blog posts, engaging email content, and attention-grabbing social media posts.

How do you ensure the content aligns with my brand?

We use the information provided in your detailed questionnaire during onboarding to ensure all content aligns with your brand voice and messaging.

Can I review the content before it goes live?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to review and approve all content before it is published.

What if I need to make changes to my campaign?

You can contact our support team to make any necessary changes to your campaign. We strive to be flexible and accommodating to your needs.

How do I get started with Triple Touch Digital?

Simply sign up for the service and complete the automated onboarding questionnaire. Once we have your details, we’ll take care of the rest.

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