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If you want your website to generate a steady supply of good quality leads so that you can fill you schedule with better customers who are happy to pay you the price you deserve, your website needs to:

  • Build trust and position you as the go-to expert who can solve people's problems
  • Be easy to navigate and easy for visitors to make an inquiry (become a 'lead')
  • Look good and load fast
  • Be easy to update with high-quality, professional-looking content that search engines will love
  • Have a selection of 'lead magnets' so visitors can easily grab some free information and add themselves to your automated "follow-up" system
  • Be seamlessly integrated into a CRM / Email Automation system
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DIY is NOT a Viable Option! Your Business Success Is Too Important

There are plenty of cheap and free 'build your own website' platforms and they all SUCK! Honestly, they will all let you down at some point, you can't build an optimal lead-generating website system with DIY platforms because you can't integrate them efficiently with other systems.

You need your website to integrate seamlessly with a behind-the-scenes email automation system. That is where the real magic happens. You need to build a list of leads that you can market to whenever you like and nurture them until they become prospects and ultimately, paying patients.

You need to build your 'audience'.

A DIY system won't let you do that, not properly. I guarantee you will waste your time (and money). Trust me, I've seen enough "train wreck" websites to know that small business owners are generally not cut out for building lead-generating websites!

Do Yourself a Massive Favor and Hire the EXPERTS

Working with "direct response" digital marketing experts like us guarantees all of this:

  • Your website actually gets completed (and on time and on budget)
  • Your website is integrated properly with an email automation system
  • You don't have any hassle or stress during the build process
  • You don't waste time or money learning skills and tools you will never fully understand, or use again
  • Your website works properly on desktops, tablets and phones
  • Your website can convert visitors into leads
  • Your sanity is protected and you can spend your time doing the things you do best (or enjoy most)

Introducing Our "Done For You" Website System...

The "Ultimate" PT Website System

The ultimate, ultra-profitable "Done For You" option, optimized for lead generation and ready to launch in 12 weeks

$495plus set up fee *

Imagine getting ALL this...

  • Personalized Experience: Full Direct Response website properly project managed and delivered on time..
  • Targeted Content: Up to 5 specialized "pain point" pages for precise patient targeting.
  • Integrated Lead Generation: Seamless integration with our CRM/Email Automation platform
  • Comprehensive Web Pages: From Home to About Us and Contact Us, every essential page is covered.
  • Expert Copywriting: Unique content crafted to resonate with your ideal patients and boost SEO.
  • Unified Design: Matching designs for free reports/guides/ebooks to ensure brand consistency.
  • Maximized Engagement: Our “Hot Hot Hot” 3-step forms ensure optimal user interaction.
  • Informative Blogging: Full-featured blog with related posts to retain visitor attention.
  • Mobile Excellence: Over 85% of visitors now use mobile primarily. Our design ensures they have a top-tier experience.
  • Optimized Layouts: Page designs crafted to drive inquiries.
  • Mobile-Only Features: Exclusive "Tap To Call" button for mobile users.
  • Strategically Positioned CTAs: Optimized call-to-action placements for maximum conversions.
  • User-Friendly Forms: Enhanced form designs for easy mobile usage.
  • Lightning Speed: Benefit from rapid content loading with our Speed Boost™ System.
  • Unlimited Customizability: Full design flexibility with no restrictions.
  • Boosted Credibility: Showcase your Google Reviews prominently.
  • Instant Communication: Live chat integration (subscription separate) for real-time queries.
  • Top-Tier Hosting: Enterprise-grade WordPress hosting ensures speed and security.
  • All-Inclusive Plugins: All premium plugin license fees covered, with access to custom plugins.
  • Up-to-date Systems: Regular WordPress core and plugin updates.
  • Secure Browsing: SSL Certificate for a secure browsing experience for visitors.
  • Monthly Assistance: Up to 1 hour of "Done For You" support each month.
  • Regular Check-ins: Monthly one-on-one 30-minute Zoom progress calls.
  • Unlimited Tech Support: Get help when you need it via email, Zoom or Live Chat.
  • Pinpoint Your Success: Discover your most valuable lead sources with our advanced tracking system.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join our private Facebook Group.

* Set up fee varies depending on your specific requirements

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Working With Direct Response PT Is Simple...

  1. Schedule a no-obligation 1‑to‑1 discovery call
  2. Follow our step-by-step process to create a few website videos (optional)
  3. Sit back and relax while we create your website and integrate it with your preferred email automation system
  4. Now you can run your online and offline marketing campaigns knowing your website is properly designed and built to fully capitalize on them and to achieve the best possible ROI
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Shall We Talk About What You Are Going To Get?

Built entirely with WordPress and using our very own custom-built themes, your entire website is geared towards direct response, loaded with calls-to-action and designed to convert visitors into leads. We integrate all your opt-in and inquiry forms with an industry-leading CRM/Automation platform and you also get our "world famous" 3-step inquiry forms that deliver "hot hot hot" leads direct to your inbox!

We build the complete website for you - all YOU need to do is supply us with some video content but don't worry... we will even help you with this by setting you manageable tasks and guiding you (and encouraging you) every step of the way. Our experienced copywriter does all the writing so that you don't need to worry about that.

The whole process will be smooth, without any hassle or headaches for you!

And once your website is completed we take care of it for you, doing all the essential maintenance and security updates for you so that you can relax, knowing that we're here to take care of any issues that may arise! Plus we'll add new content for you (including blog posts - all you have to do is email them to us) and we'll ensure that the website keeps working hard for you 24/7.

Whether you already have a website that you want to replace with a "direct response", lead-generating site or you don't currently have a website, our "done for you" website system will be perfect for you.

PLUS, For Your Peace of Mind...

DRPT's Client Satisfaction Agreement

We are constantly refining our our system to ensure that it delivers great results. Your website will benefit from new features and innovations that we develop so you need not worry that it will ever “go out of date”.

Our websites are built on WordPress which powers 25% of the world’s websites. Originally developed for non-tech-savvy bloggers, most of the user-interface components are easy to use. Our team handles all the complexities of setting up and customizing your website and we manage the content for you too but if you’re keen to take some control of the content (maybe you want to manage your own blog posts?) then that’s easy to do and we can create custom tutorials for you if you need them.

The team at Direct Response PT has many years of accumulated knowledge and resources to deploy high-quality websites using WordPress so you can be assured that your website is in the safest hands.

We do almost everything for you. We don’t ask you to or expect you to figure out how to build or maintain a website – that’s OUR job. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and increase your profits. We create your website written content and we’ll even create your lead magnets, inquiry forms and nurture system so that you never have to struggle or figure things out on your own. There are never any nasty surprises or hidden costs. You can rely on us and trust us to be there for you. Other companies (large and small) come and go but we will always be here for you. We have been working almost exclusively with small businesses for over 10 years. We are the experts and we’re here to stay.

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The Features You Need Are All Included:

  • WordPress Website

    Lead-generating mobile-optimized website

  • CRM / Email Automation platform

    No need for a separate subscription to Infusionsoft/Keap or ActiveCampaign etc. because we provide it all!

  • Live Chat (or SMS / WhatsApp Chat)

    Talk to your website visitors in real time with our Live Chat widget or take the conversation offline with SMS Chat (WhatsApp option available)

  • Missed Call Text-back

    Can’t answer the phone every time it rings and worried you’re missing leads? Our missed call text-back feature solves that problem!

  • Lead and Call Tracking

    You need to know which of your marketing channels are performing (and which ones aren’t) so you can maximize your marketing budget!

  • Lead Management

    Simplify your life and manage all your communications with leads through a single interface or our dedicated mobile app.

These Websites Work!

Combined with online and offline marketing, these websites work!

We have success stories from PT business owners like you all around the world - people who are committed to taking their website (and business) to the next level by investing in a website with us. If you would like to talk to any of these people please email us and we will be pleased to provide you a full list of our happy clients.

The type of your business doesn’t matter – we work with all types of small business, anywhere in the world.

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Some Important Questions Answered For You...

We know that there's a LOT of "techno-babble" when it comes to websites and it's hard to compare like-for-like website options. If your question isn't answered below please reach out to us and we will be very happy to answer it for you.

Can my existing website be "upgraded" to one of your websites?

Absolutely!!! We can build your new website to incorporate your current color scheme and some of your current content. These “done for you” websites have been extremely carefully designed and constructed to maximize the conversion from visitor to prospect but if there are elements of your current website that you are particularly fond of we can discuss ways to include them in your new site.

Alternatively, see below “Can you work with my current WordPress site?”

Can I edit the content myself?

Certainly! All of our websites are built on WordPress and you will have full, unrestricted access so you can create new pages, edit existing pages, add blog posts etc. etc. But remember… you get an hour EVERY month of “done for you” assistance from us – you can use this for whatever you like… most people use it for blog posts (and we even supply royalty-free images) because great-looking blog posts have more perceived “authority” and credibility and help to build trust between you and your visitors.

What is the turnaround time for one of these websites?

12 weeks. That’s the timeline that we work to but we could deliver faster if you need your website sooner; we like a challenge! Remember – we are here to help you and we want to make the whole experience as pleasant as possible for you!

Can I host the website myself and avoid the monthly subscription?

No – we host your website and the reason we do this is because we use the very best WordPress hosting that money can buy… we will not use any other hosting company. Also, the monthly subscription is not a hosting fee, it includes hosting but it is much much more than a hosting fee.

Does the website include all the free reports and email follow-ups?

We call our websites “Done For You” because we do AS MUCH of the work for you as we possibly can. Yes we will create ebooks (lead magnets) for you and we will build out all of the follow-up systems required for making your website into a lead-generating machine!

Can these websites be Integrated with Keap or ActiveCampaign?

Yes, if you already have a CRM/Email automation platform that you’re happy with such as Infusionsoft of Active Campaign we can integrate with it but we don’t recommend it. Why pay a separate fee for such a platform, unnecessarily?

Can you work with my current WordPress site?

Yes, that should be possible! If you simply want us to host and maintain your existing WordPress site and integrate it with HighLevel, that usually won’t be a problem. We can even rebuild your existing Squarespace or Wix site as a Wordpress site! We are very flexible and have lots of options 👍

How much is the Set Up fee?

It depends on your exact requirements. It could be as low as $995!


If you have ANY questions about our website system please contact us here and Flemming will personally reply to you.


Why Should You Choose DRPT?

If you're asking yourself this question and you're considering some of the alternatives such as hiring a "local web designer" or some big company that claim to specialize in websites for PTs, here are 7 reasons you should choose Direct Response PT Digital Marketing:

  • You will get EXACTLY the kind of website you need
  • You won't have any frustration, wasted time or regret
  • You won't have to "make do" with an inferior solution that disappoints (and loses you valuable leads)
  • You will get our team as part of YOUR team
  • You will have peace of mind that you have made the very best decision for your business
  • You will get our EXPERT help and advice whenever you need it
  • You can trust us because we have worked with small business owners for over 10 years, helping them grow their businesses and their profits

What People Say About Working With Direct Response PT Digital Marketing...

Hear from Andrew Vertson of Intecore PT with 5 offices in CA and WA

Hear from Christine Astarita of Breakthrough Intensive Physical Therapy in Long Island, NY

Working with Direct Response PT has been an absolute blast. In the planning stages of my business I knew I needed a website. I chose initially to try a cheaper option (Wix, Squarespace) and realized how much time and energy I was wasting on trying to design it on own. In the start-up phase, the LAST thing I wanted was to waste days trying to get a website up when I knew I also needed to write the content! Working with Flemming made the whole process not only easy, but also very fun and engaging. He was able to take away the hassle of all of the tech, coding, and integrations with my CRM software, and I was able to dedicate my time solely on the content and editing process.

Within 2 weeks of launching the site, I have already gathered 5 different leads, and have created a ton of engagement. Right now as a solo practitioner, I am more worried about hiring staff members to help me follow up on all of the calls and inquiries the website will be able to generate in the next 12 months.

Writing content, editing the wording and the verbiage is a difficult enough task while designing a website. If you want to have ZERO hassle, and actually have FUN working with someone to design a website of your dreams, then work with DRPT. The TIME IT HAS SAVED ME ALONE has made it worth the investment. If you are "tech dummy" such as myself, and you want to have a HASSLE FREE experience and a website that will generate tons of leads and inquiries, then work with Flemming's team, there will be ZERO REGRET.

Kevin Mao
Kevin Mao Balance and Body Restoration, Dublin, CA

It was (and continues to be) a pleasure to work with Flemming. He takes an actual interest and makes good suggestions. The site itself is definitely my most professional looking one to date, and it's built to engage potential customers. I have both done my own website (total waste, don't even think about it) and hired designers. They did okay and were helpful at the time, but they didn't put anywhere near the attention and consideration into the content that Flemming did. Once those sites were done, I had little ongoing support if I needed something changed. At first, I was hesitant to have an ongoing fee for hosting and upkeep, but now I'm very glad to not have to deal with the inevitable issues and changes directly!It was (and continues to be) a pleasure to work with Flemming. He takes an actual interest and makes good suggestions. The site itself is definitely my most professional looking one to date, and it's built to engage potential customers. I have both done my own website (total waste, don't even think about it) and hired designers. They did okay and were helpful at the time, but they didn't put anywhere near the attention and consideration into the content that Flemming did. Once those sites were done, I had little ongoing support if I needed something changed. At first, I was hesitant to have an ongoing fee for hosting and upkeep, but now I'm very glad to not have to deal with the inevitable issues and changes directly!

I have seen an increase in new inquiries since my new website has been up. Not only that, they're better primed and I get much less of the, "So tell me what you do, exactly?" type questions. If you are considering working with Flemming get him lined up before more people get ahead of you!

Michael Sudbury
Michael Sudbury Release Works

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