Here’s What People Have Said About Working With Us - and Please Feel Free To Contact Any of Them!

We know you might need some reassurance when you're considering working with us so please do contact any of these PTs directly if you want to know more - they will be happy to hear from you! Just click on their business name to visit their website 🙂

Flemming is great! He is motivational and provides gentle nudges to make you complete your tasks. He is very educational and helpful so that you understand what needs to be done. It's been less than a month since the new website was launched and I have already had 8 new patients contact us through the web forms on the website. I foresee reaching more people in the community which will mean more new patients!

V. Norene Christensen
V. Norene Christensen Four Pines Physical Therapy, WY

Working with Flemming has been an amazing experience. He is incredibly knowledgeable and very professional. I am not tech savvy and he basically held my hand step-by-step through the process by giving me assignments that I could achieve to help him build a beautiful website. It was awesome to work with someone who knew exactly what needed to be done, was positive and encouraging, and funny along the way!

Flemming is very good at listening to what I wanted and making recommendations to what I needed. He shared ideas and suggestions with me that I didn't know I would need. His experience in working with other physical therapists and building their websites helped me learn about ideas that had a proven track-record of working. Flemming showed me that a website should be an extension of my marketing team that should be working 24/7 to engage visitors, keep them on the website, answer prospects' questions, and have them requesting more information.

Don't waste any time or money looking elsewhere. Flemming is the real deal and ultimately you will save money down the road because the website he builds is designed to attract new clients so that you can convert them to paying clients. Over time, you will get your money back by having a website that works FOR you AND WITH you to drive your practice forward.

Jeanette De Witt
Jeanette De Witt De Witt Physical Therapy & Wellness, Racine, WI

Flemming was SO helpful, at every step of the way. He was very encouraging, and helped keep me on task. I can't say enough about how helpful it was that he understands about Paul's tried, tested and profitable website strategy. He answers my questions and now the website is live he continues to help with my blog and AWeber.

I first tried to set up my own website... and after months of trying to get it to be just right... and getting more frustrated, I gave up and called a web designer that was here in town. I thought it would help me more by having someone to talk to in person... but after working with them for 2 months I realized they were really not aware of how I needed the website to be built.

Flemming already knew the concepts of what Paul teaches about websites and he helped me with each step, gathering information, giving feedback and reminders of how to keep on track for deadlines. Initially I expected this process to be intimidating but Flemming made it a very comfortable journey and I am very pleased with the results.

I have had a number of people comment that they liked the site.... and really this surprised me. When I think of a website... it seems just a place to serve a function... but people have gone out of their way to tell me they found it helpful .... just what I had wanted... to have a way to help people. Hiring Flemming helped me to get my website up faster, better and really cost me as lot less than having a subpar site that loses me potential clients.

Jeff Rau
Jeff Rau Jeff Rau Physical Therapy, Hurst, TX

It was (and continues to be) a pleasure to work with Flemming. He takes an actual interest and makes good suggestions. The site itself is definitely my most professional looking one to date, and it's built to engage potential customers. I have both done my own website (total waste, don't even think about it) and hired designers. They did okay and were helpful at the time, but they didn't put anywhere near the attention and consideration into the content that Flemming did. Once those sites were done, I had little ongoing support if I needed something changed. At first, I was hesitant to have an ongoing fee for hosting and upkeep, but now I'm very glad to not have to deal with the inevitable issues and changes directly!It was (and continues to be) a pleasure to work with Flemming. He takes an actual interest and makes good suggestions. The site itself is definitely my most professional looking one to date, and it's built to engage potential customers. I have both done my own website (total waste, don't even think about it) and hired designers. They did okay and were helpful at the time, but they didn't put anywhere near the attention and consideration into the content that Flemming did. Once those sites were done, I had little ongoing support if I needed something changed. At first, I was hesitant to have an ongoing fee for hosting and upkeep, but now I'm very glad to not have to deal with the inevitable issues and changes directly!

I have seen an increase in new inquiries since my new website has been up. Not only that, they're better primed and I get much less of the, "So tell me what you do, exactly?" type questions. If you are considering working with Flemming get him lined up before more people get ahead of you!

Michael Sudbury
Michael Sudbury Release Works

“Amazing, simple, easy, no hassle, and smooth.... Flemming listens to you, hears your wants, needs and desires and works with you to meet every one of them!! Fast to respond, quick to apply and absolutely no pressure. His knowledge of the PT world, and more importantly what works for others gives you a huge advantage over your competition, actually makes your competition irrelevant:)... Within the first 3 days up and running, I had 2 discovery visits and a new patient from the site alone:) Highly highly highly recommend you take advantage of his skills and you can thank him (and me) later 🙂 Do it yesterday or you will be left behind!!”

Dean Volk
Dean Volk Volk PT, North & South Carolina

My experience was nothing short of wonderful! Flemming spent time getting to know my business and understanding how my clinic is different than your typical "outpatient clinic". I asked SO many questions because I am not tech savvy and he spent the time to explain to me how to navigate these totally foreign ideas. More importantly, I felt comfortable asking him questions without feeling judged :).

Flemming took the time to actually learn about my business as a whole so that it is best represented on my website. When I had difficulty wording things he was able to assist me along the way due to his in-depth understanding of me and my company.

My new website will be the foundation for where I want my business to be in the next year. Having just started this year, I hope to grow and expand and this website will help me attain my goals down the line.

Do it! When you don't understand much about creating a website, linking email accounts, or creating forms ... Flemming is the guy to go to.

Christine Astarita
Christine Astarita Breakthrough Intensive PT, Long Island, NY

Flemming and his team are great to work with in so many ways that I wouldn't want to leave them. Very attentive and helpful with thought processes. I see his business as a partner to mine and I treat them that way which has been immensely helpful. Every web company I had worked with in the past lacked communication and structure.

If you are considering hiring Flemming and his team don't wait thinking you can do it yourself and don't go with a generic idea that may save you money up front. I've made a lot of mistakes starting out but the biggest one that I made initially was to try and boot strap a website. Flemming has been fantastic and I wish I jumped sooner! I think my new website will help me reach my goal of exceeding 25 patients a week.

Jonathan Ruzicka
Jonathan Ruzicka Ruzicka Performance & Mobility, The Woodlands, TX

I was resistant to the price since i had been using a Wix website and doing it myself for 5 years - that was foolish of me! It was some work to get all the data in to create the site, but now that it is up and running, we have more new patients who have seen our website, and we are able to do some Facebook ads to drive more traffic to our website. We show up in Google maps at the top of the search, and have been very pleased with how new clients are finding us. The website targets the audience we want to show up to our clinic, allowing us to grow the clients that are a great fit for us. This has been a great investment and well worth it.

Brenda Bryson
Brenda Bryson Monarch PT, Boerne and Comfort, TX

Excellent! A true professional, very knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile. Flemming is super responsive, we worked directly with him, no layers of management between which was fantastic. His keen understanding of the overall lead generation marketing strategy was especially appreciated because I could bounce ideas around with him and receive valuable feedback. Even though we are in the USA and he's in England, the distance was never felt or an inconvenience. Every morning, he was right there on Skype when I logged on to my computer.

You'd be crazy not to hire Flemming! I've worked with many creatives, web designers and artists over the years. Flemming is a pleasure to work with, great demeanor, friendly personality and super responsive. You'll save yourself a ton of headaches if you hire Flemming. He makes it easy and enjoyable. We would work with Flemming again without hesitation.

Michelle Reynolds
Michelle Reynolds PhysioFit PT, Los Altos, CA

"Amazing! The process was simple and the results strong. Flemming spends the time to understand your individual practice, and what makes you unique. He then guides you through the process and ensures you are on track with your tasks. Best of all, Flemming understands what the website needs to be a successful website! My previous websites had minimal to no input from an owners stand point and you were limited to adding other capabilities to it. With Flemming, you as the owner, are an integral part of the design of the website and is tailored to you and your practice.

My website has already driven new patients in to my practice. Having multiple portals to contact the office takes the pressure off the patient. In the next 12 months I know my practice will have significantly more direct access patients as a result. So, what are you waiting for? Having a clean, responsive, website is a must and Flemming is the go to guy for this!"

Andrew Vertson
Andrew Vertson Intercore PT, CA

Easy, efficient..... Even from over the pond we coordinated 2-3 Skype meetings then he was very prompt on email. Everybody who has been to the website has given me great feedback, even unsolicited folks reached out to say how good it looked.

Jerry Durham
Jerry Durham International Speaker and Physical Therapy Business Owner, CA

Flemming was great to work with. I most appreciate his patience with us getting the necessary information together. He was able to guide us along the way to get all that we needed so he could complete the website. We are now able to use the "wheel of engagement" as it was meant to be used - connecting everything and using the free reports to draw people in and getting people to our site.

Don't hesitate to give Flemming your business. We have more difficulty communicating with local companies than we do with him. He guided us through every step of the way and was patient with us. I know I can email with Flemming directly and get an answer. Can't recommend him enough!

Ashley Hornsby
Ashley Hornsby Thrive Physical Therapy, Lake Charles, LA

Flemming was amazing, very organized and patient. He provided the tasks I needed to do and kept track of those I had completed. I happened to go through a major overhaul in staff and he waited patiently for things to settle down. He was there to speak whenever needed. He worked sometimes 7 days a week to help me get the website up and running.

This is the third website I have had, the first I did myself with a template, the second I hired a company that built me a website that did not help generate business and then I hired Flemming who has changed my website completely to help people visiting my website stay longer, inform better and ultimately drive more business.

Andrew Dombek
Andrew Dombek AID Performance Physical Therapy, Ashburn, VA

It was great! Flemming is patient, flexible and knowledgeable. He was great at explaining the reasoning behind a direct response website and how each change would help to generate leads. He was also open to my ideas and patient with my pickiness, and willing to work with new systems he hadn't before like a pro!

Flemming has a clear understanding of what patients look for in trying to find a PT. He is also very different in that he understands the metrics and tools required to get the leads that a practice owner needs, and that's what it's all about! I would highly recommend him without hesitation!

Danelle Dickson
Danelle Dickson Performance Plus Physical Therapy, Washington, DC

Working with Flemming was easy. He guided me through the process, giving me specifics on what was needed and what would look good. My initial concern was that he was in England and might be difficult to communicate with. It was never a problem. Flemming was always available when I needed something or had a question. My previous website was simply a store front. It looked alright and said he were were and that we were good. That was it. Flemming's site is interactive. Just the site alone makes us valuable to potential patients.

I believe that our new website be a valuable resource to potential patients. It is more than just a place to find the phone number and office hours. It is something that a potential patient will come back to over and over again, and then eventually, into our clinic door. If you are thinking about having a website built by Flemming, do it! It's affordable, easy and worth it!

Jason Miller
Jason Miller Centex Rehabilitation, Harker Heights, TX

Flemming was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He was very patient with me throughout the process as I am not very technical. I highly recommend him for your next website. My previous experience [with web people] was not good and I was hesitant to pull the trigger with Flemming for a few weeks. He has been great, he actually does what he says he is going to do, and in a timely manner. Our new website will allow us to grow our business 24 hours. The trend I notice is that folks are on the site a lot at night and the weekends. Now they are reaching out through the web forms and we are starting the nurture process immediately.

Stephen Dunn
Stephen Dunn CORE Therapy And Pilates, Austin, TX

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