How to Create Content to Generate Leads for Physical Therapists

generate new leads for physical therapy

As a physical therapist, you may be struggling to generate leads for your clinic or practice. And in today’s competitive online marketing landscape, attracting new patients often comes down to the power of your content. Your physical therapy blog could potentially be a goldmine for generating leads, but crafting engaging and strategic content is key…

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The Power of Google Business Profile to Attract New Patients

set up google my business profile

Embarking on the journey of assisting a physical therapist to attract new patients, by enhancing their online presence through Google Business Profile has been an exciting venture. As an SEO consultant, I understand the paramount importance of a robust digital footprint for attracting new patients to a physical therapy practice. GMB, a free and potent…

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Consistency: The Secret to Building a Trusted Brand

Following yesterday’s article about enhancing patient engagement year-round with Google Ads, I think we should delve deeper into the concept of maintaining a consistent brand presence. For physical therapy clinics, this is not just about being visible; it’s about establishing a continuous, recognizable, and trusted presence in the minds of potential and existing patients. This…

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Can Your Physical Therapy Practice Thrive Without Google Ads?

Right now, visibility is key to business growth, and for physical therapy practices, being seen by potential clients when they need you can mean the difference between a steady flow of appointments and the sound of crickets in your waiting room. Google Ads has long since emerged as a dominant force in digital marketing, but…

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The Pivotal Role of Digital Marketing Goal Setting for Physical Therapy Business Owners

According to research by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University in California only 33% of people who have an unwritten goal end up achieving it. Let that sink in for a moment… read it again… said differently: if you don’t write down your goal there’s a 67% chance you won’t achieve it!…

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How Much Should Physical Therapy Clinics Spend on Google Ads?

In the age of digitization, where even great grandparents are becoming savvy with ‘The Google’, physical therapy clinics are faced with a pressing dilemma. It’s not about choosing the right therapeutic equipment or debating the merits of deep tissue massage over dry needling. Oh no! It’s the daunting question of how many of their hard-earned…

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