What To Do If You Already Have a PT Website That You’re Happy With

“I already have a website that I’m happy with but I want it to be more Direct Response.

This is a phrase I’ve heard quite often from members of Paul’s VIP Inner Cirlcle. And it comes as no surprise to me – most of you already have a website, unless you’re just starting out in your own practice. Many of you have a website that you have invested a lot of time, effort and money into. You’ve paid attention to the design and you probably looked at other PTs websites and tried to make sure yours was comparable or better than theirs. You want your patients and prospective new patients to get a great first impression of you and your practice. You have lots of information about the services you provide, the skills and qualifications you and your team have and you might even have some social proof on there (testimonials).

So what is it about your current website that you’re happy with?

Is it…

  • How it looks?
  • How much information about you and your knowledge/experience there is?
  • How well it builds trust with your prospects and helps you acquire new patients (willing to pay higher prices) and increases your profits?

I’m guessing it’s probably #1 and #2 but probably not #3. Am I right?

If you’re genuinely happy with what you already have but you’re not getting the number of inquiries you would like from it then you probably already know what you need to do – you need to create some landing pages with opt-in forms so that you can start to give away free information and build trust with your potential new patients. Usually the best way to do this is by using LeadPages. If you currently have a WordPress website then you’re in luck because LeadPages landing pages are easy to integrate with your WordPress site. The information on how to do this is on the LeadPages site and it’s really simple to follow, but you do need to have access to your WordPress dashboard (or have a helpful ‘web person’ who will do it for you).

What if your site is not a WordPress site?

Well… all is not lost! If you have a website built with Wix or Squarespace or Weebly or one of those online website builder systems then you are going to struggle to integrate LeadPages landing pages with it I’m afraid. Currently the only way you can use LeadPages with certain websites is by having the LeadPages landing pages hosted by LeadPages on their server. It works, it does the job but it’s not perfect because you end up with ugly URLs to your landing pages, such as yourleadpagesaccountname.leadpages.co – it’s not the sort of thing you can print in a newspaper ad or on a direct mail (but it’s OK for online ads where people just need to click and they don’t need to type the whole thing out!).

However… and this is really cool… you can use LeadBoxes with Squarespace, Weebly and Wix!

What is LeadBoxes? It’s probably easier for me to show you than try to explain it, but I’ll try… LeadBoxes are popup opt-in boxes that you can create within your LeadPages account. They can be configured to capture whatever details you want, exactly the same as the popup optin boxes that come with LeadPages landing pages. Here, let me demonstrate:

Click Here To View A Test Page I Created With Weebly >>

Just click the link above, you will land on a free site I created VERY quickly with Weebly just to show you what’s possible with a LeadBox. Click the white button and it will open an opt-in box OVER the landing page. Fill in the form and it will redirect you to a thanks page on the same Weebly site!

What if your site is a ‘custom built site’?

Then you’re one of the lucky ones, congratulations! You or your ‘web guy’ should be able to integrate a LeadPages page into it without much problem. Paul has a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this. And if you need some more guidance please give me a shout.

Remember: LeadPages pages will always be ‘separate’ from the rest of your website content. You can’t embed a section of a LeadPages page into an existing page on your website. So if you want to create lead generation pages like Paul does on his site then you need to explore other options. Also, because the landing pages will not look like the rest of your website you should only use them to send visitors to directly (e.g. from a Facebook or Google ad or a direct mail postcard) – you should never allow your website visitors to access LeadPages pages from within your website as it will CONFUSE them!

I know that this article will probably generate more questions than it answers but that’s OK – it’s just a starting point for discussion really. I want you to find the solution that is right for you and I’m always happy to share my knowledge and answer your questions so that you can choose the route that’s best for  you.



P.S. Adding “landing pages” to your website is JUST ONE of the things you need to do in order to start automatically acquiring new patients and increasing your profits. I’ll talk about some of the other things you need to do another time (I don’t want to overwhelm you!!!!!!)

About The Author

Flemming Arnott

Flemming helps PT business owners all around the world to acquire more new patients by building websites that educate prospects, establish trust and ultimately generate leads. He has worked with Paul Gough for over 10 years and has more than 20 years experience in the industry. Flemming is the "go to" expert for PTs who no longer want to rely on doctor's referrals and who put the patient experience first, with a desire to succeed in the new healthcare world.