The Importance of Blogging Regularly


So, you consider yourself somewhat of a blogging connoisseur. That’s great. But are you crafting those blogs regularly? Here’s why blogging to a schedule is essential. 

Remember the Tamagotchi? Japan’s handheld digital pet was arguably the most significant toy fad throughout the era of Britpop and Brosnan’s Bond. For those who escaped the rabid clutches of 1990s consumerism, Tokyo’s Tamagotchi allowed players to care for their digital pet as much or as little as they wished. 

Although demonic for providing youngsters with the ‘hilarity’ of starving a virtual animal to death, the egg-shaped mini-computer held one plus point back in the day; it was less punchable than a Furby. And, in our contemporary world, the toy from hell can actually teach us a lesson regarding the importance of blogging correctly. 

Whereas your Tamagotchi required feeding, discipline, and attention for fear of perishing; your website can suffer in the same way. Negligence hounded your Tamagotchi creature to an early grave, and the same story applies to your blog. 

By not feeding your blog with fresh content, keeping within the boundaries of online discipline, and giving your blog relevant attention – it will slowly perish before your very eyes. Except, unlike the Tamagotchi (or a real pet, I should clarify), you can’t simply hit the reset button and hope for the best. 

Yet, why are these elements essential? Let’s find out…. 

New Content Keeps Your Regular Readers Coming Back

Blogging with fresh content is important

Regardless of how you stigmatize blogging against the highbrow, aristocratic portrayal of print media – you need to treat your blog much like your favourite magazine; whether that be Machine Gunning Defenseless Animals Monthly or Amateur Peasant Burner Weekly

If you enjoy a blog, then chances are you will visit the writer’s website in search of their next article. Except, just as you would if Range Rover Bloodsport Quarterly’s publication date became sporadic or disappeared from shelves completely, you’ll soon grow tired and seek another reliable source of information should consistency with new material not be maintained. 

Once your blog is up and running, your audience will expect new material every week – or every month, depending on how you’ve decided to run your blog. Yet, if you publish inconsistently or simply whenever you feel like it, your readers will eventually find it tiresome to keep pace. As such, they may venture towards your competitor’s website instead. And we don’t want that. 

The bottom line is this: if it looks like you aren’t putting time and effort into your blog, you can slowly wave goodbye to your loyal readership

Fresh Content Will Bring You Great SEO Rankings And New Readers

Importance of blogging regularly - SEO

Google (other search engines are available) loves fresh content! Not only does it prove that your website is being maintained and updated, but Google can trustfully present your site as an authoritative source to those seeking answers through the search bar. 

As such, fresh content (i.e. your blog) remains one of the biggest factors Google examines when deciding how to rank your website. By regularly updating on a predetermined schedule, you trigger a visit from the search engine spiders that automatically index your page and site. 

By summoning the Google-sponsored checking system, the spiders determine that your site has been updated and subsequently mark up your SEO performance. Y’see, spiders aren’t all bad

However, there are other SEO aspects that regular blogging enhances. Each blog post adds a page to your roster for starters, making your site a more extensive and therefore more authoritative entity. Your competitors will have authority envy of the ilk Ivanka Trump now suffers. Oh yes, I went there – booyah! 

It is worth noting that us techy folk often talk about how ‘blog post traffic is compounding‘ – by which we mean it gains organic results over time. Blogging is viewed as an ‘investment’ on this basis. 

Along these lines, updating older blogs is also important. The dormant posts gain more reads and further recognition with the search engine spiders by injecting them with new life. 

If you don’t update your blog/website regularly, then Google may deem your site to be dormant. If they have any reason to believe that your business is inactive or – worse still – doesn’t care about a digital presence (SCREAM) then they (STILL SCREAMING) will begin proceedings (while screaming) to lower your organic ranking positions. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Just like how Lord Fotherington-Carstairs warned you about talking to the lower classes. Oh, thee humanity. Swoon

More Blog Posts Means More Keywords!

Keyterms and keywords for blogging regularly

One of the greatest aspects of regular blogging revolves around targeting your chosen keywords. Using tailored blog posts to spearhead the exact terminology people are searching for, you can gain substantial SEO traction against your competitors

One of the best blogging practices is to craft articles that answer questions likely to be asked, or target the search terms knowingly used by your potential client base. However, optimizing your blog post for keywords is not about stuffing that term into the content as often as possible. 

This is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and will hurt your SEO rankings like inheritance tax hurts those in high society. Keyword stuffing isn’t much fun for the user, either. The copy must flow naturally, whereas inserting the keyword 47 times within three paragraphs will feel jarring and lazy. 

Furthermore, if people don’t stick with the content and instead bail out towards a competitor, Google will notice and begin to demote your rankings based on bounce rate and time on page

Instead of going down that route, we’d recommend blogging about the topics on a regular basis and using the appropriate headers, tags, and imagery with alt text. But this is getting into the technical aspects, and we are here to talk about the timeliness of blogging! We don’t want to go all conservative and dance around the subject before departing for Mar-a-Lago (please send subsequent hate mail to Calum). 

In essence, the more often that you write for your blog, the bigger an opportunity you create for covering all the relevant keywords and terms that you wish Google to rank your business for. Yet, you need to be careful not to continuously blog about the same topic. 

Should you consistently pump out content that covers the same subject (for example, Why Does My Back Hurt?), Google will become confused about which article to promote and instead focus on your competitors. 

Leaving articles to fight like siblings over Grandfather’s financial endowment is referred to as cannibalization (defined as the “derogatory strategy of targeting the same keyword across several web pages”). 

The solution? Change your keywords into different variants. In short – write sensibly. Don’t be a cannibal. 

It’s Fresh Content for Social Media

Blogging social media It can be challenging to maintain any form of active social media presence without access to high-quality content. This is where your blogs can pay dividends towards your digital marketing, alongside the SEO aspects mentioned earlier.

While sharing content from other sources always helps build trust with both users and search bots, you really want to share your own content and direct readers (and potential new clients) to your website

By sharing your new blog with the world through social media, you can raise awareness of your exploits and increase the traffic headed towards your website. This isn’t something to achieve in the name of vanity or popularly, however. 

Instead, it’s about the long-term benefits – such as client conversion or starting a venture into that new market you’ve been promising yourself. You can use your new blogging material to fill newsletters and increase engagement, too. Talk about multiple birds with one stone!

As a further bonus, one of the most tremendous benefits of blogging is the opportunity it creates for others to do the dirty work; share the link to your website! Allowing others to share ‘this great read‘ that they ‘found so interesting and life-changing‘ creates the potential for viral traffic and increased market growth. 

There are so many different sharing platforms available in a modern digital world that focusing on a single platform – such as solely focusing on Facebook or Twitter – is detrimental to the audience you could have. Share your content across all platforms to take advantage of blogging as a cost-effective marketing strategy

Show Off Your Knowledge!

Show off your knowledge with blogging

With regular blogging, you offer a steady stream of material to engage your core audience and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise within your chosen niche. It sounds like common sense, but your best option to become recognized as an expert in your field comes from blogging.

The direct result? Well, individuals are far more likely to buy into your services once you’ve showcased your expertise. Prove that you know what you are talking about and your professional future will prove bright

Finally, flexing your knowledge muscles with regular postings will connect people to your brand. Besides being one of the most critical aspects of marketing, blogging allows followers to see your business’s personal side not always possible through outbound communication or marketing techniques. 

Blogging gives a perception of your professional standards, services, vision, personality, and character. And, as a sales pitch, does it get much more potent than that? 

The Importance of Blogging Regularly


So, what have we learned so far? 

  • Regular blogging gives SEO a notable boost.
  • Blogging to a structured schedule can develop and strengthen relationships with both new and existing customers. 
  • Voicing yourself through your blog helps establish your brand’s expertise and trustworthiness.
  • Fresh material can feed your social media accounts and newsletters.
  • You shouldn’t eat people nor write about the same subject too often. 

What If I Can’t Find Time To Blog Regularly?

Time for blogging

As a busy professional with a strict client diary, squeezing time for writing isn’t always possible. Time can often catch up with you. That’s where our Professional Content Writing package comes in.

Not everyone has time for writing. Furthermore, not everyone enjoys writing. Not everyone wants the taste of human flesh or comes from a wealthy household built on the gentrified-foundations of ill-gotten gains. Not everyone can keep a Tamagotchi alive.

However, don’t panic. We can certainly help with the first two points. Boiled down, we can write your blog for you, courtesy of our new Professional Content Writing package

A stigma once hung around blogging. It was viewed as something Gwyneth Paltrow undertook to appease her ego before sacrificing children in the name of Goop. Yet, times have changed, and blogging is now one of the most adaptable and vital SEO cornerstones for success.

We can offer a triple-filter system where a professional healthcare writer takes on your blog for you, alongside a proofreader and an SEO specialist to ensure the Google bots are kept happy. We then lay it all out and ensure it’s user friendly, too.

Nothing gets published without your approval. We aren’t here to take over your blog, only to help you gain readers with bespoke content and the correct SEO attributes. 

So, what about blog topics? We delve into our search data to discover the issues that people are most commonly searching. We then compose a line-up of potential blog topics and titles for you to choose from, before setting to work in the name of your business.

Like the sound of our service? Think we can help you out? Want to know more about the dangers of Tamagotchi products? Then why not get in touch with us through our contact page?

We look forward to speaking with you about maximizing your blog’s potential!

Calum Brown

Calum Brown

Calum has worked with SEO for the best part of a decade and is proud of it! He previously created and led Bauer's SEO strategy for their digital classic automotive portfolio and helped to launch America's largest collector car site for SpeedDigital. Having come from an SEO, marketing and editorial background, and having studied Business Information Systems at Edinburgh Napier University, Calum now dedicates his time to all things SEO. He takes great pride in helping Physical Therapy businesses find their perfect (local) clients and drinks copious amounts of tea doing so. Best not to feed him after midnight.

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Calum Brown

Calum has worked with SEO for the best part of a decade and is proud of it! He previously created and led Bauer's SEO strategy for their digital classic automotive portfolio and helped to launch America's largest collector car site for SpeedDigital. Having come from an SEO, marketing and editorial background, and having studied Business Information Systems at Edinburgh Napier University, Calum now dedicates his time to all things SEO. He takes great pride in helping Physical Therapy businesses find their perfect (local) clients and drinks copious amounts of tea doing so. Best not to feed him after midnight.