Get Marketing To The 30% (Not The 3%)

There are several companies that specialize in building websites for Physical Therapists – I’m sure you’re aware of them. You are quite possibly comparing their products when trying to decide who to trust to build your next website. Go ahead and compare, they all list tons of things that they include in their packages, they all seem to be offering a lot for your money right?

Do you know what else they all do? They help their clients market to the 3% of the population who know what PT is.

They don’t help their clients market to the 30% of people who need physical therapy but don’t know enough about it yet to make that decision.

So what do you think happens when you have one of these companies build a website for you? They will happily take your money and do the best job that they can for you with the knowledge that they have about websites and online marketing. They may even be experts in “SEO” and tell you how they will drive more traffic to your website etc. etc.

Just remember – they have never worked with Paul Gough! They are years behind in their understanding of how PT businesses can thrive in this new healthcare economy.

When you use Paul’s strategies of education-based marketing you can talk to that 30% of people who need what you do – you can use the right approach, the right words and the right offers in order to motivate those people to take action and book a discovery session or an appointment with you.

And remember this too… when you do get these people to become patients (once you’ve nurtured them and they trust you and actually want to become your patients… they will be a pleasure to work with and they will very likely become patients for life! Because you were the only PT that took the time to help them make their decision 🙂


So, back to your website… you absolutely NEED to offer free information to your potential patients. You NEED to nurture them, to build a bridge for them and show them that you understand them (like nobody else does) and truly want the best for them.

Please – keep that very clearly in your mind when you are making your decision about who you will trust to build your next website!

This post wasn’t meant to come across as a sales pitch, I just really want to help you make the best decision… I hate to see people wasting money on “solutions” that don’t work!

About The Author

Flemming Arnott

Flemming helps PT business owners all around the world to acquire more new patients by building websites that educate prospects, establish trust and ultimately generate leads. He has worked with Paul Gough for over 10 years and has more than 20 years experience in the industry. Flemming is the "go to" expert for PTs who no longer want to rely on doctor's referrals and who put the patient experience first, with a desire to succeed in the new healthcare world.