Tutorial: Live Chat Set Up

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Setting up Live Chat on your website isn't difficult but if you've never done it before it can be a bit daunting so here's my step-by-step guide which will get you up and running within a couple of hours! This tutorial is mostly focused on the configuration and operations of the Live Chat platform. Installing it on your site is the easy bit... just a matter of pasting one piece of code. If you get stuck feel free to email me your question (a Loom video to show me your exact problem would be helpful and will get a quicker response!)

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Here Are Some Useful Times (So You Can Skip Ahead!)

03:05 - Sign up for free trial
05:04 - Agent configuration
07:50 - Notification preferences
09:13 - Settings -> Chat window
10:54 - Settings -> Chat surveys and forms
11:02 - Settings -> Chat surveys and forms - Pre-chat survey
12:20 - Settings -> Chat surveys and forms - Post-chat survey
12:43 - Settings -> Chat surveys and forms - Queued visitors
13:05 - Settings -> Chat surveys and forms - Ticket form
12:20 - Settings -> Chat surveys and forms - Post-chat survey
14:36 - Settings -> Engagement
14:54 - Settings -> Engagement -> Greetings
20:06 - Settings -> Engagement -> Eye-catcher
21:50 - Settings -> Engagement -> Chat buttons
22:16 - Settings -> Agent tools
23:00 - Channels
23:23 - Chat settings
23:48 - Ticket settings
24:50 - Chat window preview
26:30 - Installing on your website
28:23 - Experimenting and testing using the extended free trial
32:20 - Summary and some suggestions

Part 2: How to Actually USE Live Chat!

Once you've configured Live Chat and installed it on your website you need to know how to use it. I recommend you install it on a hidden page initially (rather than on EVERY page) and test it out with a colleague, friend, husband, wife etc. Here's how you do that...

Familiarize yourself and whoever is going to be responsible for answering chat requests with how the process works. It's important that you don't let chats go unanswered - if there's nobody around to answer chat requests you must remember to switch to "Don't accept chats" which will prevent people from being able to initiate chats - instead they will be able to leave a message via the chat window.

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