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Dear Physical Therapist,

Are you frustrated because you think you could be losing leads thanks to your website not loading fast and therefore not ranking as highly on search engines as it should do?

Or are you worried that people are getting to your website but leaving after a few seconds because it takes too long to load?

You know that people are impatient, right? That it takes just a couple of seconds of seemingly nothing happening to make people hit the back button and go someplace else instead?

Maybe you've heard about the importance of having good Core Web Vitals and you're afraid that your site is tanking in the search engine rankings because your vitals are bad?

Does it DRIVE YOU CRAZY to think that your visitors might go to your competitor's website instead, just because you can't figure out how to make your website load faster?

People could even end up getting poor quality treatment from your competitors (and being put off trying any other physical therapist forever) simply because your website doesn’t load up quickly enough.

Do You Feel Like NOBODY is Able to Help You or You've Been Told That Nothing Can Be Done?

So you feel "stuck" with a slow website and you have to pretend that it’s "not really a big problem"?

If you've tested your site on GTMetrix and you're unhappy with the scores but you don't understand the optimization tips this tool suggests because they seem to be written in a different language, then our WordPress Speed Boost System is for you!

Or, if you’re just concerned that there’s “something wrong” but you can’t figure out what… and you want to be able to rule out the one big thing that’s troubling you (the speed that your website loads) then you need this system.

We Created This System Precisely for People Like You, Who Don't Know Where to Start in Order to Improve Their Website Speed / Load Time...

I feel your frustration because I went through it myself when I first started working with WordPress. I spent days and days trying to figure out how to speed sites up.

I read article after article, watched tutorial videos and investigated all kinds of WordPress plugins that promised to solve my speed problems. I researched tons of different hosting companies offering features like “Enterprise Infrastructure Dedicated to Performance”, “Smart SSD Storage”, “Enhanced Control Panel”, “Malware Protection”, “Powerful Extras”, “Cloud-based Architecture” and yadda yadda blah blah blah and so on and so on!

Now, I know what most of these tech terms mean (I’ve been building websites since 1998) but even I found it hard work trying to make sense of all these options and promises and I almost gave up, because it seemed there was just no clear way to speed up a WordPress site - I even considered ditching the platform completely!

But I persevered and eventually I figured out how to make a WordPress site lightening fast! And after fine-tuning the process on 50+ WordPress websites I realized that this is a solution that can help a LOT of Physical Therapy website owners.

How Do You Know If This System Will Work for You?

Simple! Run a GTMetrix test (link below) and if your scores aren't green then you can be confident that our system will give you a significant speed boost!

How Does the Speed Boost System Work?

First, we will look at your GTMetrix test results and your current website hosting. Then we will arrange for your website to be migrated to one of the world’s leading WordPress hosting platforms. Next we’ll apply our speed boosting plugins and set to work fine-tuning things until we get your scores where they should be.

Finally, we’ll advise you on anything that you ought to do to maintain your new scores while adding or editing content on your site.

What Is the Investment?

It’s a one-time fee of $799. Simple.

What Will the End Result Be?
(A.K.A. Will it Really Be Worthwhile?)

Once we have migrated your site to a superfast host and installed our speed-boosting plugins and fine-tuned everything you will have a website that loads (much) faster. The impact of this will eventually be some - or all - of the following:

  • Improved organic search ranking
  • Reduced bounce rate (this is a good thing)
  • Lower cost-per-click with Google Ads
  • An increase in visitor engagement (and ultimately an increase in leads and profits)
  • Retain visitor’s trust - a slow loading page can make people question the trustworthiness of the website

How Do We Get Started and How Long Does the Whole Speed Boost Process Take to Implement?

We need to assess your current site speed first. Then, if we are confident that your site will really benefit from our Speed Boost System, we will advise you on which hosting company you should switch to and we will take care of the migration for you (don’t worry - we provide a completely hassle-free service!).

Then we get to work installing and configuring some awesome premium WordPress plugins and we fine-tune everything until your site is loading super FAST! The whole process usually takes just a few days from start to finish.

Ask Yourself… Can You Afford NOT to Do This???

If your website is slow, you will always be lagging behind your competitors! Plus, visitors might leave your website and never come back, even if they end up going to one of your competitors and having a bad experience. Wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

Also, if your website is slow you will pay more than you need to for your Google Ads clicks due to having a reduced "quality score". Over a few months those inflated click prices could be costing you a LOT more than $799!

So if you’re currently feeling frustrated by your website’s performance and you are worried that you’re wasting money and giving your competitors an advantage, click the button below and very soon you will be feeling confident that you’ve done all you can to ensure that the speed of your website isn't letting you down (and isn't causing you to lose precious leads and waste potentially thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click ads!)

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Some Important Questions Answered For You...

Will I definitely get the results you've described?

The reason we do an assessment of your current site first is to be sure that your site will really benefit from the Speed Boost System. If we don’t think it will be of benefit to you then we’ll tell you, honestly. We never want to over-promise and under-deliver!

Will this really boost my organic ranking on search engines?

Google has indicated that speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. In addition, a slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget, and this could negatively affect your indexation.

Page speed is also important to user experience. Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. These 2 metrics send negative signals to search engines that will likely lower your organic ranking.

Could this really save me money on Google Ads?

Yes! Fast-loading websites are rewarded with a higher “quality score” which is one of the parameters used in calculating your Google Ads cost-per-click.

Is it really necessary to change my website hosting?

Absolutely!!! You need “enterprise” grade hosting, the best and fastest available, otherwise you’ll always be at a disadvantage in the speed stakes. But don’t worry! We take care of the migration for you and ensure that the process is painless. There are some fabulous “bonuses” to upgrading your hosting too, including automatic nightly backups, one-click restore from backup, enhanced security, uptime monitoring and expert support.

How much will I have to pay for hosting?

It depends on how much storage and bandwidth you need – we will pick the best hosting option for you and the cost will be in the region of $30 a month, paid by you, directly to the hosting company.

Are there any other ongoing costs?

No! All you pay to us is a one-time fee of $799. No hidden extras 🙂

Will there be any downtime when implementing the Speed Boost System?

Potentially yes, but it’s minimal and it will be during “off-peak” hours when it’s unlikely anyone will be visiting your site.

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