We Are Looking for an SEO Specialist!

Part Time, Leading to Full Time

£10 - £15 per hour

We are looking for an SEO specialist - someone who absolutely loves SEO and geeks out on E-A-T and BERT, knows the difference between a knowledge panel and a knowledge card, and gets a kick out of ranking sites on the first page of Google and Bing for highly competitive as well as longtail keywords.

This is a rare opportunity to join an unusual, very niche organization, based in North Tyneside and serving physical therapists all around the world. We provide websites and SEO along with ongoing technical and marketing support to our growing list of clients and we need you to help us continue to serve these clients at the high level they expect from us and also to help us grow so we can serve even more clients.

What We've Got For You...

  • A supportive working environment where you will be a valued member of our team and your voice will be heard
  • A position with room for growth in a steadily expanding niche web development and online marketing organization with clients worldwide
  • The opportunity to serve clients in ways that will really make a difference to their businesses
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working from home some of the time is an option

What We're Looking for in You...

You do NOT need years and years of industry experience! You just need to be able to demonstrate that you really do know what you’re talking about when it comes to SEO and in particular, Local SEO. We need someone who is full of ideas and enthusiasm and gets excited about achieving top rankings. Someone highly motivated, who doesn’t need to be told what to do every hour. You will be methodical with a structured approach - trial and error is OK some of the time but you must have a plan for each of our clients and be able to measure the results of your efforts and then communicate them to us and to the clients.

You will be joining a small team (currently the business owner / web developer, a project manager and another web developer) and you will be a very important part of that team and of the growth of the business.

Initially this will be a part time role with flexible hours and the opportunity to work some of the hours at home. If you can deliver great results then the business will grow, you will have more clients and you will need to work more hours. Eventually, we anticipate this being a full time role (although if you only wanted to work a maximum of 30 hours a week in the future, we could probably accommodate that!)

The ideal candidate:

  • Loves SEO and gets a buzz from achieving great results
  • Can prove that they know what they’re doing and prove that they can get websites ranking on page #1 of SERPS
  • Likes to be held accountable for their work
  • Has a solid understanding of keyword research and knows how to use that research to structure website content
  • Has really good planning, analytical and organizational skills
  • Is able to listen, so they can understand team and client requests and questions, and is able to explain things clearly to the rest of the team and to clients. This is of paramount importance!
  • Has a broad understanding of digital marketing
  • Reads industry news daily and enjoys talking about what they’ve learned and what’s going on in the SEO industry
  • Knows their way around Google Analytics and Google Search Console like the back of their hand

Your Main Responsibilities Will Be...

  • Get client websites to rank highly in organic search results for highly competitive AND longtail keywords
  • Document your work so that we all know what you’re doing
  • Make recommendations for using software, strategies, third-party platforms, tactics etc.
  • Create a monthly report for each client (currently we use Agency Analytics but if you want to use something else we’ll be happy to discuss it)
  • Hold regular review meetings (online using Zoom) with clients to discuss progress


  • The opportunity to be involved in a niche business where you can directly influence its future success - we have ambition to grow and most importantly, ambition to be a great place to work.
  • Flexible working - usually we arrive at the office around 9.30am and leave before 5pm. Due to time differences with the majority of our clients we do sometimes work late at home but you’re not required to do this (nor expected to).
  • Mentoring and development opportunities - we want you to develop, both professionally and personally.

You will learn a lot about direct response marketing and specifically about marketing for physical therapy / physiotherapy. You will also have the opportunity to (and be encouraged to) listen in on regular live group coaching calls with a hugely influential marketing and business expert in the physical therapy world as well as join in a members-only (500+ members) Facebook group for physical therapists where they discuss all aspects of business with a strong emphasis on marketing.

Plus, more benefits will be added as the company grows! And you could even be helping us figure out what those benefits are 🙂

How to Apply...

First, please read this page thoroughly to avoid wasting your time and ours. We are not offering SEO training to the successful candidate - you MUST know your stuff and be able to prove it!

If you feel you would be a great fit for this role please send your CV and either a covering letter or a video of yourself that summarises your experience and credentials to: hiring-seo@directresponsept.com