Cryptocurrency Payments Accepted Here!

Yes indeed! You can pay us with cryptocurrencies! Bitcoin, Ether, Lumens, Ada, Chainlink, Litecoin... we accept them all. We even accept Doge and Safemoon! (although you probably want to hold on to your Safemoon because, well... it's going to the moon, right?)

So why do we accept payments in cryptocurrencies? That's because Flemming has been a cryptocurrency investor since 2014. He is a real crypto enthusiast and he is keen to see it widely adopted. Tony is also a fan and investor so if you want to chat about anything crypto please drop us an email.

Did you know that several "alt-coins" are built on new tech that serves lots of valuable purposes and solves some challenging problems in business, finance and wider fields?

Blockchain technology is here to stay, and it's going to change the world! So we're embracing it whole-heartedly here at Direct Response PT Websites.

You can use any popular cryptocurrency as well as some of the lesser-known ones to make your down payment for a new website. We'll discuss the finer details when you're ready!

cryptocurrency for physical therapy