Should You Care About SEO for Bing? 

  Google is the SERP King. However, Microsoft’s Bing isn’t far behind. Not optimized your SEO for Bing? Then lucrative website traffic is passing you by… Remember Bing?  It’s easy to forget that other search engines exist. Google dominates the market and often absorbs all of your SEO budget and attention. It’s common practice for…

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Has COVID-19 Changed SEO For Physical Therapists?


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has driven a shift in consumer behaviour. There’s no doubt about it. Coronavirus has sponsored an exponential explosion in terms of internet usage. From streaming, electronic transfers, and virtual meetings, to online commerce, gaming, and app development, the pandemic has founded a tectonic quickening of dependence on digital platforms. However, we’d…

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The Importance of Google Reviews for Your Physical Therapy Business

Google Reviews Feedback

  Google reviews. Merely reviews on Google, right?  Wrong.  What was once a beneficial exercise for smaller businesses now has far greater importance.  Reviews of your business remain hugely important for Google’s local SEO results. Not only do consistent, healthy testimonials bring credibility and trust, but Google considers the review process to be one of…

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